Herr Belte
Who saves in the beginning, will overpay later.

A project is like a plant - if you prepare the soil well it will provide a good basis for future earnings.
This is why we take it very serious with careful preparation in the starting phase of your projects. We execute project planning and supervision with great enthusiasm and maximum awareness for quality matters.
An elaborate project preparation guaranties clearness, supersedes amendments and ensures your success. Belte Ingenieure GmbH is a highly flexible, customer oriented consulting company which renders valuable services for a process based control of projects and the construction management.
As we approach every problem analytically, we are able to offer not only tailor-made solutions, but also specific solutions for business processes, Total Quality Management, management of the building industry, project monitoring and project management - depending on the task you assigned to us.
We always integrate partial solutions within the ultimate concept.
With our ability to comprehend processes promptly and thoroughly, we set the stage for pulling out all the stops in the right moment and in the right position.

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