Remain always clean

A well functioning environmental management system is indispensable, in order to secure the entrepreneurial success on a long-term basis.
Together with an integrated management concept it forms an important component of your quality assurance, which stands on an equal footing with other measures.
With environmental management you will be able to maintain operational and project-related protection of our natural resources on a high level. To achieve this all crossrelated effects of activities, products and services from your project are analysed according to resulting environmental aspects.
We consult and support you during the implementation of your environmental management system, we define the substantial internal and external interfaces and help to improve the acceptance of the system from your employees and customers.
Based on international standards (EG-Eco-Audit-Regulation [EMAS] and DIN EN ISO 14001) we assist you with the gradual compliance of the following standard criteria:

- environmental target/environmental program
- organisation and responsibility
- training of the environmental awareness
- communication and documentation
- emergency precaution and measures
- control and correction
- environmental management system audit
- compilation of the environmental balances

By certification through external auditors you will have a first milestone on the way to the successful implementation of an environmental management system.

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environmental management
environmental management