From start to finish: controlling processes of civil engineering
As managers of your building projects we offer to you project management during all construction phases. Our service covers a good deal more than what is listed in 31 HOAI and the guidelines of the AHO commissions which define the requirements for project management.
We advice you in the following phases:

- preparation of your project
- defining your aims
- project structuring (technology, finances, involved persons)
- project-oriented team development
- project planning
- project controlling
- contract management ( VOB,  HOAI)
- project financing (GvfG,  EKrG)
- project scheduling and evaluation
- quality assurance

Construction management - as we understand it - is more than mere building supervision and control. We offer not only demand analysis, project management and the monitoring of parallel proceeding projects. An accurate evaluation of your project supplements our service.
Our job performance enables you to recognise risks, to estimate the necessary time for realisation of the project and we take care that all essential permissions are available on time.
Project-related evaluations of large-scale ventures help to thwart any erroneous trends in the project at an early stage promptly and directly support the desired success of the project.

We transfer existing documents into a suitable document management. Thus the entire operational sequence of the project can be verfied at a later stage with high precision and without gaps.
Applications developed by us out of practical experience permit reliable cost prognoses on the database of the furnished achievement, the spent funds as well as the paid and requested claims.

your advantages:

construction management