...plus a good deal of extras.

+ interdisciplinary teamwork

lt is a combination of the excellent knowledge of our engineers, our specialised IT-skills and our innovative advice in reference to your organisation which characterises us in comparison to other offices.
This combination makes sure that we understand your problems, look at them from different points of view, deal with them and finally find a solution.
At Belte Ingenieure GmbH, experts from the most different areas of expertise combine their workforce for your project. This concept avoids loss resulting at the interface concerning the coordination of different requirements – finally it leads to the results which bring your business forward.

+ consulting meets lT

A planner who is neither capable of proper workmanship nor to carry out his plan in technical respect only theorises.
That applies too concerning the strategy to make your business successful.
This is why Belte Ingenieure GmbH join complex and expert organising skills with profound computer knowledge.
We integrate already existing software wherever it is possible; we adapt your software whenever it is necessary.
Our software, especially developed by ourselves, supports your software applications and opens new prospects.
We do pay attention to the principles of process definition integrate your EDP in our consulting concept.

+ experience meets innovation

We have extensive and longtime experience referring to the controlling of quality, expenses and schedules in projects of different complexity and with different areas of responsibility.
As a young and progressive company we combine our experience with our future visions. Therefore we are located in the top floors of the highest building of Berlin.
The ,TrepTower' is an address with dynamics - and with a wonderful view. A symbol of all we would like to achieve for you.

+ transparency meets security

We give you a review of your business data - nobody else will have access to this information.
lt is our top priority to protect internal data, private and confidential information.