QS-9000 Quality System Requirements

QS 9000 can be seen as an adaptation of the ISO 9001 system in respect of specific demands from the automotive industry. It is more comprehensive and consists of widespread requirements in comparison with ISO 9001. Reviews are conducted twice a year and at every subsidiary.
Three focal points have to be highlighted:

1. continuous improvement
2. the "lucid" supplier
3. procedures to grant approval for parts of the production

This certification standard is tailor made for automotive spare part suppliers. It originated five years ago when the so called "Big Three", Ford, General Motors und Daimler-Chrysler planned to harmonise quality standards for their suppliers. QS 9000 is based on ISO 9001:1994, which is invalid since the end of 2003. The validity for QS 9000 had been extended up to the end of 2006.
QS 9000 is applicable for direct and indirect suppliers to the automotive industry which trade high quality products and want to be successful on the market and for companies that want to improve their quality management system.

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