GTP / Coceral

COCERAL, the European Association for Trade of Grain, Oilseed, Feed, Oils, Fats and Agricultural Supplies favours the idea and the concept of a safety system which covers all elements of the feed and food chain.

The GTP-codex (Good Trade Practice) has been compiled and edited by COCERAL and functions together with GHP (European Codex for Good Retail Practice) as a simplified system for quality assurance regarding storage, treatment and transport of grain and other crops. It is applicable for traders.

This codex had been installed with the aim to define clear responsibilities. By means of the GTP-codex a situation shall be created which ensures that goods are traded according to the best technical standard and in compliance with current European legislation. Hereby customer confidence will be preserved permanently.

Following to the GTP-codex trading of goods has to be organised according to HACCP principles. This helps to identify potential risks regarding the sound condition of products and to establish monitoring and corrective actions on time. All relevant activities and sectors are regulated through clear requirements from this codex for the retailer. Examples are purchasing, human resources, organisation, hygiene, inspection, sample testing, documentation and traceability.

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